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Campground Horrors?

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Anyone decorate their campsites?

This will be our second year at one of our state parks for their Halloween Weekends (1st and 2nd weekends in October).
We cobbled something together last year and wasn't really prepared. Didn't look bad, but always room for improvement.

Was thinking skellies in camping situations (like making smores over a fire). Or if time allows, I want to build a giant spider, like its crawling off the roof of our 5th wheel.

Would love to see your pics if anyone wants to share. I'll take pics of others when we are there and upload for you all to see.
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I had several different scenes last year, my cottage is within a campground so i do participate big time in the Halloween weekend (trying to motivate my neighbors to step up!) I had 2 cheap blow mold skellies toasting marshmallows over a fake fire (i used one of my DJ props, a silk flame fan with lights hidden in a stack of firewood), I had a skelly cooking a leg on a grill that was filled with orange and red led lights and a small fogger with remote I could trigger as needed, I had another skelly walking a couple dogs, one jumped up on the table to check the leg that was already cooked. I had a giant spiderweb on my garage filled with spiders, this year I have 2 giant spiders to add to that scene and the 2 cheap blowmold skellies I wrapped in cheesecloth and spider webbing and will lash to the spider web. My garage door opening became a movie screen, i have a white spandex screen that fills the space, I have dozens of video clips from all the major halloween projection suppliers that I made a huge montage from, and the upstairs window had a huge TV in it with various eyeballs. I also had a skelly sitting on my mailbox in fishing gear with a paper fish skeleton on his line. This year I have a 4th skelly so I'm changing things up a lot. 3 of my skellies will be dressed as pirates (one captain and 2 mates) in my tandem kayak up against the garage, I will project 2 scenes from the Hi-Rez Pirate Elements DVD (a stromy sea and a pirate ship battle) the 4th skelly will be waterskiing behind the kayak. I now have a skelly cat so the cat will be perched atop my mailbox with the 3 skelly dogs I have all posed trying to get up the mailbox post. My eyeball video will be split between 2 19" monitors mounted in the 2 cars in my driveway. The spider web will have more spiders and 2 very huge ones!!! I will be using a scrim in the upstairs garage window with a flickering light behind it and a combination of appearing ghosts from atmosfearFX ghostly apparitions and phantasms! I get so busy once things start with multiple projectors and foggers and lighting I didn't even take night pics, this year I will be better with that! I'll also be using some of my DJ black lights to illuminate the skellies and spider webbing.
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That is exactly what I was going for DJ Rich!!!! Awesome job and thanks for all of the inspiration! I love the leg in a pan with the Bone Suckin' sauce and the leg on the grill...with grill marks! Great touches. I bought 4 skellies this week and hope to have 2 more by the time our trip rolls around. I thought about dressing them with OSU and Michigan jerseys, and maybe a Browns one (did you guess we are in Ohio?) I found some really cheap skulls so now I'm cutting the mouths out of the them for lights and making posts to sit on. All of these cool ideas have my head spinning. I don't think I'll have enough time this year to do my spider project, so I'll focus on a skeleton theme this year.

I can't imagine how neat your setup looks at night with all of the lights! Not sure how I'll tackle our lighting yet. It seems crazy to spend so much time decorating for a weekend's worth of fun at the campground, but the looks on the passer-by's faces are totally worth it and I think we have as much fun as they do!
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We used an old camping Hibachi and grilled some fingers on it! Also added charred flesh scent, very pungent!

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This year my skeleton crew turned into pirates, well 3 of them did, the 4th decided to water ski instead. The spiders returned including 2 new giant spiders, the brown one was from costco and the black one was a gift from a guy I used to DJ for at his home haunt. I took 2 old cheap blow mold skellies and cocooned them in cheesecloth then spider webbing. The video screen across my garage door was used to display the pirate battle scene and stormy seas from Hi-rez designs. My collection of dog skellies chased a cat skelly up a post. I used platinum chiffon to display a ghost appearing in my upstairs window of my garage, atmosfearfx for that. I also used 2 different flicker bulbs and a fire & ice light in the garage loft to create an eerie effect and reinforce the fact you could see the garage rafters when the ghost appeared, people were blown away by that!! I then took 2 computer monitors on a splitter and displayed a loop of eyeballs running all night. I use Micca Speck media players for all playback and belkin HDMI to VGA adapters for the projectors and monitors. Yes, my cottage is in a campground technically so this all applies.

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Thanks for the inspiration Rich!!!!

Gives me lots of great ideas (and the urge to go shopping for Halloween props)!

Sorry we weren't able to make it up and see it in person.
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