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Cameo Portrait Ideas

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Ok so I grabbed these two Portraits? at a yard sale. Not even sure what they're actually called. Looked old and semi spooky. I wanted to see what you guys thought would be the way to go.
I do a walk thru haunted house in the basement. I was thinking of having the first room you walk into,be a parlour room with old couch, these on the wall, all the trappings of a spooky old mansion. Do a little story telling and then lights out, black light on. Full body blood stains on the couch, these portraits light up from the black light. I would love to see different colors on the frame, velvet, and ivory parts of the portraits. Does any one know if thats possible? Leaving them normal under regular light. Can you dilute phosperous paint? I tried the RIT brightener last year, mixing it with water. I never got it to work. I did see where someone mixed it with some sort of paint or gel. Has anyone ever tried mixing the Brightener with anything else. Thats probably what I would use for the couch. I have a love seat with a floral pattern that is the everyday basement couch. I need to not make the same mistake as last year. Promised the wife the flourescent body outline on the floor would come up easily, STILL there. If you've got other ideas I'd love to here them too.
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After seeing them what popped into my head is a sideways drop portrait. Instead of one or both dropping down with someone behind it for the scare, have the actor spread them apart mounted just the way they are. Everyone's eyes are naturally going to be drawn to the spot in between the two.

You can do a set-up like that with just a single piece of 4x8 plywood, assuming they are small enough to slide in that space.

Another idea, since everyone will be looking at the spot between them, is to separate them and put some kind of a scare there in the middle.
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