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We are a new Seattle-Based Non-Profit, organization, our focus: To develop a Professional Haunted Atraction that Seattle has never seen before. The goal for our debut Haunt is October 2010.

We need volunteers willing to be leaders in this early stage of Organization Development. Our Ogranization is called "The House of 1000 Souls" you can find us on facebook by looking up"Houseofathousand Souls."

If you are interested please provide your email address in this thread or to [email protected] so that I may contact you and discuss your level of interest, you will not get junk mail from me or from the House of 1000 Souls by any means, this posting is just to get volunteers interested.

For those of us who enjoy doing yard haunts this may be a great opportunity to take some of your eerily creative ideas and use them in a full scale haunted attraction.

I'm not tryng to advertise here so I hope this doesn't violate the rules of this forum if it does please forgive me.
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