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Cadaver slideshow

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Here's a cool slideshow from Slate on-line showing med students posing & having some fun with their cadavers. The photos are from the book Dissection.

I love the one with the cadavers around the sleeping student. The book sounds interesting; will have to scope one out at the bookstore.
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Wow, pretty neat! I read Stiff by Mary Roach, she details some of the things cadavers are used for, very good read.
Some of those bodies look like they would smell terrible but you sure don't see it on the people's faces...lol!
It'd never be allowed nowadays...

One can imagine the resulting furore in the media...:eek:
Yeah Baron, the Slate review indicates these types of pictures were not taken after 1930, as it was felt it was not respectful, and that perhaps they should be viewed by current students to instill a bit of humility and respect in them (the students). Apparently, the cadavers were mostly those deceased that did not give their consent (deceased persons who became wards of the state). It was felt that the way these photographs were staged, they were not treated respectfully.
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