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Cackle Mask Help

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:) Hey Peeps, I purchased this Cackle Mask from Darkside Studios several years ago. The box she came in is what she was stored in, in my garage that is cooled in the summer, but not heated in the winter. She looked fine in 2012 when I last took her out of the box, but when I took her out a week ago, her eyes are yellowed. Before they were rheumy and kind of cloudy looking.....now...ugh! I sent a message to Darkside Paul, and he said extreme hot or cold can do that to the epoxy, which I guess is what gave the eyes that wet, glossed look. I want to try to fix this mask...does anyone have any suggestions? Paul said I could try to peel off the epoxy, but it would probably peel the paint off as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....thanks guys.

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He's right. Removing the old epoxy will also remove the paint. Unfortunately there's no other way to really fix it. You'd have to remove the epoxy, clean off any remnants of the painted eye, repaint the eye, and either apply epoxy or a gloss clear coat. Which ever you'd want.
:)Thanks for the quick reply Shadowbat! If it's got to come off, it's got to come off, so I guess I'll give it a go. I'm pretty good at painting, what kind of paint would you suggest? I have regular, craft type acrylic paint, but I'm not sure if that would work. I've only painted corpsed props and tombstones and stuff like that. Never a high quality mask before, so I'll follow any advice you can give me. :D
I know you want to fix it, but I think it looks okay with the yellowy eyes. Would you be displaying this mask in or outdoors? Or wearing it?

Just a neat mask, no matter what. Hope you get it to your liking.
I agree that the yellow eyes look kind of cool.

Also agree that to return them to the original look, you'd have to peel/scrape off the epoxy which would affect the paint.

Acrylic paints will work if you plan to cover them, again, with a coat of epoxy. You can buy the clear 5 minute epoxy from just about anywhere to use on the eyes and it does give them a very cool, very realistic wet, glossy look.
:)Thanks for the feedback Countess and Abunai. Bobzilla echoed what you guys are saying, he said he thinks the yellow eyes look creepy and that I should leave them alone...but the way they were before I actually loved. She can't be worn as a mask, Darkside Paul filled the head in for me because I told him I was going to use it on a witch prop. I'm only four years late getting it together...but I love the look of her. She is going to make one wicked prop.:D I may have to bite the bullet and start picking off old epoxy.:eek:
Not often, but I think that the combination of jaundice and glaucoma works in her favor;) I am unsure as to whether this idea would actually work or not, but maybe try some Goo Gone on a q-tip and go over the eyes a little to see if the most messed-up part can be removed without totally destroying the painting of the lower layer; if so, then you will only have to add the epoxy covering.
Paul I know uses Fw inks. So you best best I to peel away the epoxy and airbrush the eyes back in. Once you do that you can re seal the eyes.
Count me in the group that like the eyes that way. I had a Death Studios Nosferatu mask that was stored in a damp basement & got kinda moldy & I think it actually made it look better.

But it looks like you'll have to get to peeling. Is painting over it all a possibility? Could you just put a white primer of some sort over it then paint it again?
:)Thank you for the feedback Garthgoyle, Great Pumpkin, and RCIAG. Wow, seems as though the majority like old Yeller....ha, ha. (I hope I don't have to shoot her at the end of this thread, but if she starts foaming at the mouth....bang-bang..:confused:)
Put in in the yellow eye looks cool camp! :)
I have the Cackle mask as well and while the opaque "cataract" look is neat, the yellow isn't really major detraction. It's one of those little things that bugs us as haunters, but your visitors won't know and won't care. It's not damaged, only discolored so if you don't want to mess with it, leave it. The character of the mask isn't lost one bit, IMO.
I went to the Darkside Studios website to see what the original eyes looked like, and I really like the yellow tones that yours has developed. Personally I think the yellow is a very complimentary colour and suits the rest of the mask.
It is your mask, your investment and your skills which you should consider in making your decision.
I suggest that if you want to restore the mask to its original look to practice painting eyes several times to insure you are comfortable with the potential outcome. I personally would feel worse if I tried to fix it and couldn't restore the eyes to their original quality. Good luck and don't regret your decision either way.
I already cast my vote ;)
I got that ;)
Well......what's the verdict?
Leave it Yeller, or you gonna monkey with it? :confused:

:)Thank you for the feedback Garthgoyle, Great Pumpkin, and RCIAG. Wow, seems as though the majority like old Yeller....ha, ha. (I hope I don't have to shoot her at the end of this thread, but if she starts foaming at the mouth....bang-bang..:confused:)
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