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Cable for Phono Plugs - 12V

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Hi all

Last year I saw a post where someone had made a 'plug and play' style setup for 12volt LED's using phono plugs. Last year I had a go using grey speaker wire and worked ok.

This year I would like to replace the grey speaker wire with black coloured cable. I'm trying to find (with no success) 2 core black round cable which I can solder to a phono plug which I believe cannot be greater than 4.5mm OD. I would also like to activate a solenoid[SUB][/SUB] with the same cable.

Had anyone got any recommendations or can point me in the right direct for such cable? (I'm UK based)

Many thanks
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I'm starting to use 2-pin Deutsch connectors (clones of the DT series) for the higher current stuff and some neat little 2-pin sealed tail sets for low current.

The Deutsch ones are around $1 a pair while the little tails are about $0.50 a set. Much nicer than phono / jack cables imo, but you will have to solder it all together.
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