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    Hello Guest - Please always operate based on "buyer beware" and don't trust anyone you don't know when using these classifieds!


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We have had an increase in scammers/fake sellers on our site lately and wanted to post a general caution.

Please do report anyone scamming/suspicious Halloween Forum accounts. We can investigate/ban accounts on this site that try this sort of thing if we can trace back to any scammer or blacklisted accounts.

There are probably dozens of scammers every day that target folks with the hopes that you'll be tempted by a good price or a rare prop. Many use our wanted to buy or for sale posts as invites to direct you to a "friend" or recent seller they know has the exact item you're looking for, usually for less than what you'd expect to pay to tempt you into falling for the great deal, and then ask you to pay using means that are unable to be traced/refunded. They may have names and emails that don't match the original info, most refuse to provide an actual phone number or speak on the phone as they may not be located in your country.

One way to check if they have the item at all is ask if they will provide additional photos of the item in question (with a name or identifying number on a paper placed near the item) because if they can't or don't, that makes it very likely they've used images from someone else and do not have the prop in their actual possession.

I also would caution any buying from brand new (or honestly, even older) accounts that have no real participation on this site. There have been soooo many registered accounts that post one or two "that's great" just to have a post count at all, and then proceed to cull over our WANTED section and private message about "you must have missed XYZ's post selling this exact item - contact them at EMAIL" or "I just bought a thing from XYZ, and they said they were also selling the exact item you're looking for. here's their email" type of private messages.

Everyone should always operate on the basis of "buyer beware" and don't trust anyone they don't actually know or doesn't have safeguards offered through sites such as Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay. Would also strongly advise never do any transaction (like the paypal friend/family or a zelle request) that leaves you no protection/recourse if you do not know for sure this is a person you can trust completely.

PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE in the wanted or sales section. Scammers can email you without even registering on this site, and we at least have the ability to ban/stop the ones that register here and try to scam members if they are reported. If you don't give all your info to them, it makes it a tiny bit harder for them to scam here!
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