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buying a pentagram

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i'm hoping someone can help, any ideas where in the UK i would be able to buy a decent size (10cm-15cm or so) metal or wood pentagram i can attatch to my spell book once made for a 3d effect. i'm only find them in USA and non uk shipping. thanks in advance
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Some get freaked out by that upside down star & its connotations. Yes, they're really 2 completely different things but you know how people get over that stuff.
Actually, it is pretty much impossible for a star to be truly upside-down, regardless of what people seem to think; it is merely slanted to the side (take your pick which direction). I know exactly what you mean about people and their idiocy regarding things that they do not understand (and often do not care to learn more about).

I am honestly surprised that Britain does not have a good variety of options regarding pentagrams, with the prevalence of Gothic architecture and genre artists such as Anne Stokes.
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