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Hey everyone I'm Universal nice to meet everyone. Today I'm here to show off our small company's Halo 5 Masterchief costume which you can actually buy from our website which is https://buyfullbodyarmors.com/store.html/
BuyFullbodyarmors has other costumes to but at the moment we are setting up the masterchief one. Which looks amazin in my opinion XD. We'll anyway if you do you can also choose a colour just leave it in the notes at the end of customising and choosing add ons on the website. This is how the payment works first customers will only need to pay 20% of the total (including shipping fee) as advance payment.

Then completion of basic armor piece manufacture and first round assembly - 30% of the total [we will deduct the discount in this invoice, 3% of the total, not 3% of the 2nd payment]the completion of surface treatment & spray painting - 30% of the total
the completion of electronic system installation & general assembly (ready for shipping) - 20% of the total

Well anyway here's a few pictures of the costume so far:
Action figure Personal protective equipment Helmet Arm Gun

Action-adventure game Shooter game Pc game Games Helmet

Those are the pictures so far. Also which the colour that you write in the comments when your buying it please write LACHIE_HALO for 3% off the price.

thx for reading and also if you have any questions please ask!

Go to https://buyfullbodyarmors.com/store.html/ for more!


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