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I was just notified of the results of the mask poll:

BuyCostumes.com is First to Release Official Results of the 2008 Presidential Mask Poll

The Masks Have Spoken. Barack Obama will be 44th President according to BuyCostumes.com, the world's largest Internet based retailer of costumes and party supplies

Ladies and Gentleman, the results are in. BuyCostumes.com announces that according to their 2008 Official Presidential Mask Poll, the 44th President of The United States of America will be Mr. Barack Obama ( Barack Obama Paper Mask - Costumes ). Some may scoff at the notion that masks have any kind of say in anything at all, but since the year 2000, BuyCostumes.com masks have been right every time. The latest count indicates an Obama lead over McCain of 10 points; 55% to 45%.

Can't buy your candidate into office? Think again. The phrase, "Vote early, vote often," attributed to BuyCostumes.com ( Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens & Kids - Halloween Supplies : Buy Costumes ) Chief Operating Officer, Dan Haight, has had an impact, and at $0.99 each, the "votes (mask purchases)" have been coming in by the thousands since June 3rd of this year. It should also be noted that BuyCostumes.com successfully predicted that Obama would win in the primaries; a very slight margin of only 1%, notwithstanding. To get an accurate read, this year BuyCostumes.com produced its own paper masks of each candidate and their running mates selling for $.99 each.

"These masks are a fun and inexpensive way for supporters of all kinds to participate in the process," commented BuyCostumes.com CEO, Jalem Getz.
What is the explanation for the masks' uncanny ability to predict the winners? Scientifically speaking, the jury is still out on this one.

BuyCostumes.com has been running their own numbers since 2000, and additionally has found that data going back to 1980 on mask sales has demonstrated successful predictions of the presidential winners in each election. In any case, we can surely predict that BuyCostumes.com will take great pride in the correct prediction of yet another great moment in history. For full details and state by state results visit to Presidential Mask Poll Official Presidential Mask Poll 2008 ? BuyCostumes.com

(Buycostumes.com is a sponsor of this network)
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