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I know the hunt for pose n stay skeletons is pretty ruthless.

BuyCostumes.com has pose n stays for about $38.98.

They are having a pumpkin buster sale. The pose n stays are usually $69.99.



The Lifesize Pose and Hold Skeleton includes one llfesize, lifelike, realistic skeleton with posable joints. Approximately 5 feet tall.
Product Number #806909 Lifesize Pose and Hold Skeleton (240800) Orders placed by 4pm CT usually ship same day.
Material Plastic(PE)(98%),iron wire(2%)

Skeleton Joint Bone Skeleton Balance

The skeletons are on sale for $39.99. Then, by using the code Terror20, you get an extra $8.00 off. My shipping was $6.99, for a total of $38.98.

I haven't ordered skeletons from them before and don't know the quality, but it seems to be a decent price.
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