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anyone who loves the fall and halloween should really go check out dark candles.com OMG the best candles you will ever smell,burn,and buy well worth the money trust me i have about 30 of them
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yardhauntjunkie: I hope this link works Dark Candles, Light For Those Who Prefer The Dark

Those look lovely! I'm particularly interested in 'Coffin,' 'Bonfire,' 'Dark Carnival,' 'Falling Leaves,' and 'Clove.' Dept1031, do you have any/all of these? I'm interested in how accurate they are (or for the more fanciful ones like coffin and dark carnival, whether they invoke something more or less like their names). I could certainly imagine myself enjoying Bonfire midwinter when I'm about dead-center between field seasons and I'm missing those enormous summer bonfires. I could see these as great Halloween party touches.
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