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A stage was set up , speakers,lights,all the needed equipment, all just maybe 25 feet from my Southern most property line, with the speakers pointed away from my house for the "Show", but the bass notes still rattled my window's glass in two rooms.
The star was Whey Jennings, Grandson of Waylon Jennings.
I was very briefly introduced to him a few hours before . I told him about the tunnel I had dug through my yard.
He said, "Like digging a tunnel to escape from jail!"
I said,"No, I dug it to escape from.. poverty'!
Later as I was starting another house tour, I lower my drawbridge, come out onto the drawbridge wearing a suit coat with large lion heads on the shoulders carrying my big latex Centipede like a guitar. As I try to play it the Centipede is attacking my right thigh and I am fighting it beginning to use guitar-motions at first then switching to much more aggressive movements as the imaginary pain of it biting me increases. I fall backwards collapsing as I say :"And that is what they call "The Blues!"
Mr. Jennings seemed to be amused.
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