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Thanks for Posting! I loved your idea so much that I made both a bed of coals and a fire pit (used a hula hoop and tarp to create the base.). I thought I was going to give the fire pit to my MIL on tuesday for her b-day, but my wife decided that she wants to give her the bed of coals.... So now I need to make another one. Only problem is, the orange lights I bought that were on sale are no longer on sale. They were 2.50 for a string of 50 and are now 5 for 50. I put 400 lights in my bed of coals (I had an old bi-fold closet door I was throwing out so that was my base). Where did you get your lights from? and do you possibly know where i might be able to find some cheap lights to use in here?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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