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Burning Coals for my Corpse on a spit.

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Tried my hand at making a bed of coals for my corpse on a spit.
Here goes!

Items needed:
1 2x8 .5" plywood
20' 2x2's
1" bit
Great stuff
Flat black spray paint
$1 skulls
Lights of your choosing
Clear solo cups (9oz & 16oz)
Hot glue gun & sticks
Dremmel for cutting out skull mouth(razor knife can be used)

Grabbed some plywood and laid future corpse out for dimension.

Cut plywood and 2x2's


Cut mouths out and drill 1" hole in back of skull(for lights)

Skulls laid out plywood marked and ready to drill plywood(1" hole)

Skulls and cups laid out for hole locations

Drilled deck for solo's (few errors, np...foam will cover)

Gluing Skulls on and drilled eye sockets

Glueing Solo's (just secure them, foam will hold them in place)

Foamed in skulls and small cups first(might not matter, did it so that I could have some foam height on 16's w/out over doing it. Foam can get to thick for light penetration.

Finished foaming

Now it's time to run lights! (i had some dim ones and I must have put in 500+) Can't wait to see leds in something like this.

Laid the corpse on after running lights...Good fit

Painted foam and skulls again.

First layout

Final position. The hands holding his head just cries PAIN

Will try and get a night shot soon.

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great Job !
Nice job~love the eye holes drilled out of the skulls detail.
We've done the glowing coals a few ways but I really love the tweaks you did to this one.... I may have to redo ours.
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This is amazing!! I love love love it!!
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Incredible - thanks for posting pictures!
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Very cool with the skulls on there. Where did ya find those for $1??? I have an idea next year for either a sinister banquet table or a poker table and I wanted to do the legs out of skulls.
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Very cool with the skulls on there. Where did ya find those for $1??? I have an idea next year for either a sinister banquet table or a poker table and I wanted to do the legs out of skulls.
Picked these skulls up at a dollar store last year....I bought 100 of them for future projects....
I can see Wild Bill Hickok sitting at that Poker table w/ his Aces and Eights!


After responding I ran over to the Dollar Tree and picked some more Skulls ,also picked up 30 little skeletons. Painted black placed in the yard on skewers so they stand up right in groups looks a bit scary to the TOT's!
The charred skulls are a nice touch. Very cool!
The burning coals look awesome. What do you have hanging on the house. It looks cool, Ot adds a nice evil touch to the house,
Thanks for the comments.....Surt I did another tutorial yrs ago on distressing my house ...Link http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/98118-distressing-my-house.html?highlight=

Thanks for Posting! I loved your idea so much that I made both a bed of coals and a fire pit (used a hula hoop and tarp to create the base.). I thought I was going to give the fire pit to my MIL on tuesday for her b-day, but my wife decided that she wants to give her the bed of coals.... So now I need to make another one. Only problem is, the orange lights I bought that were on sale are no longer on sale. They were 2.50 for a string of 50 and are now 5 for 50. I put 400 lights in my bed of coals (I had an old bi-fold closet door I was throwing out so that was my base). Where did you get your lights from? and do you possibly know where i might be able to find some cheap lights to use in here?
I got some at Walmart last night, $3.47 or some dang odd ball price for a string of 75 I want to say. They are "split" into two sections so you can put a blinker light in one and only the front half or back half will blink. It comes with two blinkers so you could have the whole thing blink, but they won't be synchronous.

They also have "garland" strings of 75 that are 9' long. The lights are clustered in groups of three down the strand.
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