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Burlap Scarecrow Mask question

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Good evening all!

I've been trying to get the courage to attempt making a couple of scarecrow masks for two static props, out of burlap. Trying to figure out how to give it form and keep it is one part of the puzzle. I decided to try some fabric stiffener on it last night. They don't call it stiffener for nothing. Would give viag.....er, anyway.....

This is just the raw form, removed from the styrofoam head that I used as the armature. Nothing inside of it at all.

So, the thought now is to do some of the thread seams on the face and mouth. Maybe use some various buttons for the eyes. Then paint. The question is what do you all think could be used to water proof it? I'd imagine that if it were out and it got wet, the fabric stiffener would wash right off and leave a clumped up burlap bag? And, how about during the paint process? I wonder if it will cause it to lose the shape?

Would love any tips/advice/thoughts anyone has on the subject. :) Thanks in advance!!!

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You might want to try a clear urethane from the paint department at HD or Lowes. If you don't like the smell of lacquer varnishes, try Minwax Polycrylic - it's water based, but dries waterproof. Both can be used for fiberglassing, so it will stiffen your burlap right up! Looking forward to more photos.

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You might try just stuffing it with plastic bags to make sure it keeps its form and then you could try scotchgarding it... I wouldn't bother myself tho, as I'd like weathered details. :)
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