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here is a prop that can be used virtually anywhere. I'll post pics up shortly, if anyone expresses intereset in it.

Materials needed:
any doll (made of soft plastic)
1 nail
a source of heat, must be hot enough to melt plastic (a blowtorch is a good thing)
A sturdy working table

So this is what you do. First, you take your heat source and melt the plastic on one of the eyes. You need it to go deep enough to push the nail at least a quarter-inch into the head, but the plastic must be soft enough so the surrounding area won't crack. Second, after you've sufficiently melted the plastic, take the nail. You need to be careful not to burn yourself on the molten plastic, because it can cause second-degree burns on contact. Push the nail in, much like a pushpin. As the plastic hardens around it, it will hold in in place. This should not be done on a barbie doll (I reccomend any old-style dolls, no American Girl or any other famous doll. Baby dolls are perfect for this.) I'll also post other Bunnyman Productions props up, if anyone likes this. SHOW ME PICTURES OF YOUR APPLICATION for others to be inspired.
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