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Bulk transistors for free(ish)

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This is not really a group buy, but giveaway, so if there is a better place to post this, let me know.

My work was throwing away some reels of transistors, and I hate to see waste, so I got permission to snag them. The policy here is that any scrap taken home can't be used for profit, so I will not sell these, but I will give them away for free. The only problem is shipping. I am going to test how many I can fit into a standard envelope and ship with a stamp, and I am willing to invenst a book of stamps into this, but if a lot of people want them, I would not object to people sending me some stamps in return.

I have:
Quantity 2000 of 2N4403, TO-92
Quantity 2000 of 2N4401, TO-92
Quantity 1900 of ZTX656, TO-92

I will comment later after I fit some into an envelope and put it on the postal scale.

I am able to put 60 in a standard envelope with a forever stamp.
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This post is from 10 months ago, I never heard back from StrandedPatrick.
This post is from 10 months ago, I never heard back from StrandedPatrick.
Now thats funny, I didnt even look at the date, just the time.

Thanks jman
Strange when someone posts this and then never responded. His last post was a different topic 18 days after this one. Oh well, hope he's OK.
Hey do you still have any of these transistors left?
This user hasn't posted in over a year and never responded to the transistor thread.
I'm so sorry J-Man. I also posted the offer on Reddit and sent out a dozen envelopes and I must have thought I responded to you as well. I still have various stuff laying around if still are interested.
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