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I have posted some of the props i have made but haven't shown how i get it done. That's what this post is... I received a new mask in the mail yesterday so i thought id show the steps i take to build one, this took about an hour to do. I do not have measurements as I use the scientific method of "yeah, that looks about right...". I am 6' so if i'm cutting an arm piece i just hold it up to my arm and cut it to the same length.

Building the legs... this is made from 3/4 inch PVC and heavy duty PVC flanges...


Make sure to add a "T" in for a third support


picture showing how the shoulders are assembled


Building out of the arms.. notice that the prop is free standing while fully assembled. No matter what pose you build, your prop should be close to balanced... adjusting will be required when the costume is put on since it weighs more than the frame.


Adding in a support as the 3/4" PVC is very flexible under the weight if the costume


adding a chest and rib cage, I want my props intimidating so i use a full pillow for the chest area turned sideways. really fills out the prop. You will have to remove the arms before dressing it.

019.jpg 020.jpg

Give the prop a waist and some filling to help support the pants by attaching a pillow vertical

021.jpg 022.jpg

Next is attaching the boots, I use a hole saw and a 1/2" drill. first attach the flange to the stand using standard desk or long all purpose screws.

WARNING!!! when drilling the boot heel, Make sure you have the boot secured or you could seriously hurt yourself or break your wrist. You will be drilling into rubber and that drill bit isn't going to spin freely. a person doesn't realize how powerful a 1/2" drill is until you have a 1 1/4 hole saw attached to it and drill into something like hard rubber. If you don't have it pinned down good and a firm grip on the drill with both hands you'll likely end up with a 5lb weapon attached to your arm and spinning furiously toward your face. I usually stand on the part of the boot I'm not drilling into.

024.jpg 023.jpg 026.jpg

Next attaching the head... I use the largest styrofoam head i can find as i use oversized masks. drill a 1" hole or do as i do and firmly press the foam head down on the pipe, twisting the pipe as you press down... a drill is messy. I wait to cut the pipe until I have the head and mask assembled and held up against the prop to get the right length of the neck... every mask will fit differently. I have already heated up the mask with a blow dryer and let it cool while stuffed with a pillow to maintain its shape.

028.jpg 029.jpg 031.jpg
032.jpg 033.jpg 034.jpg

Ive cut the hat that came with the mask to make it a round rim and added a witches wig i bought from walmart to add extra hair to the head.


now reattach the arms and before stuffing it and building out the hands, this is what you end up with.


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Looks pretty good. I have built a couple of these, I put them out in the yard, so instead of adding the 3rd support, I just drive rebar into the ground and slide the PVC legs over them. It works really well.
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