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Building a large sphere, how to frame?

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to devise a way to build, well, a Death Star prop about 5 feet in diameter or so.

I've been doing some small scale tests with paper mache and such, but my core problem is how to create the armature/framework upon which it will be built?

My only condition is that I have to retain the ability to access the inside in order to have it backlit. I'm planning on drilling pinholes through surface to light from behind, ala Star Wars.

I've contemplated chicken wire on the outer surface, but I keep coming back to my core problem--how to concoct a sphere and/or curved ribs around a core frame. And what that frame looks like. I keep running into basic overengineering issues here.

Any ideas, suggestions are greatly welcomed! Thanks!
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my opinion. ..

cut multiple rings of thin plywood.. you can cut out the middles to keep it light.

center ring is largest with each ring getting smaller towards the north and south poles.

you could use a 3 inch PVC pipe as the center to hold all the pieces together and double as a stand.

then, you can use foam or plastic sheets to 'skin' the sphere kind of like a beach ball.

you could glue/nail thin strips of wood or foam to support the skin.. (the green lines)

here's a quick sketch.

Line Sphere Diagram Parallel
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