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Build Your Own DIY Airplane Costume

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Halloween is nearly here! We had our first Trick-or-Treater, and to make it even better, he had a DIY airplane costume! It’s a good thing we are stock piled with candy here, otherwise we might have run out on our first trick-or-treater :D !

This little pilot’s parents built the structure of his costume out of cardboard boxes which were then painted. To top it off, he even had the goggles, jacket, and aviator hat or “bombers hat”. His little costume kept getting better when we saw that the propeller was motorized.

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His motorized propeller includes the simple list of the following parts:
Everyday carry Tool

(1) 20 RPM 3-12V Gearmotor

(1) Aluminum Motor Mount

(1) 6mm Bore Set Screw Hub

(1) Gearmotor Endcap

(1) 8 Cell Battery Tray

(4) 6-32 x 7/16″ Flat Head Screw

(4) 6-32 x 1/2″ Socket Head Screw

(1) 10″ Gearbox Arm (#SG610A)