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Budget Alien Cryo Chamber Build Video

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We're doing an alien room for our haunt this year and wanted to build a cryo chamber. Money is a bit tight this year so the kids and I came up with a budget build using mostly material we already had. Not including the cost of the alien skeleton, the chamber cost us only around the $20 mark. We had a lot of fun putting this together and has become my favorite prop we've worked on.

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Shadowbat that came out great. Love it lit up in the dark too. Thanks for the video. Very creative and kudos to the kids for the ideas to "tech it out" and they did a nice job putting it together. It really is the Journey as they say! And I bet when they are in their later years they will always remember the alien chamber that you guys built. Can't wait to see your alien room this year. Definitely gave me some ideas for when I do mine.

BTW I've considered a cryo chamber using a sonotube. Using the box with the curved plexiglass really worked. Oh and I wanted to ask what store do you buy your metallic poster board from. Can't say I've seen any out her in my area.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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