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I just became a reseller for Bucky's Boneyard, I am going to finalize a few things, when I get a final cost, I'll be offering the 5' 6" tall Skeletons, the Skull skins and the eye balls among other items.
How many people would be interested in a bucky or two?
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Well first I would like to say this is sad. I for one have found that to many people have thin skin and read to much what was typed.
I wish you luck on your bucky sales. But last I heard from Marilyn there was someone (not naming names) that made a deal to be the sole distributor for our 4th quality product for Bucky bone yard(aka acc) since the orders were getting a little to much for them.
Now are you selling 4th quality skeletons or 1st? Let me know I am always looking for a good price since my rates shot up like fireworks on the 4th of July.
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