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Linda from the Skeleton Store asked for me to pass these savings on to you!

~Karen aka KkrazyKkaren
Great Lakes FrightFest
May 29, 30 & 31, 2009
Well behaved women rarely make history.
~Laurel Thatcher Ulric

Closeout corner at Bucky’s Boneyard - Final Inventory Blowout


Please take advantage of these closeout items at great prices that soon will no longer be available.

Bat Skeleton Model Retail Price: $31.95 Our Price: $30.43 SKU: SS-CHBAT Closeout: $17.50
Feline Skeleton Model Retail Price: $54.95 Our Price: $52.09 SKU: SS-CHC1 Closeout $29.95
Baxter Canine Skeletal Model – Large Retail Price: $136.95 Our Price: $130.35 SKU: SS-CHD2L Closeout $74.95
Franken-Bucky Skull Pvc Retail Price: $54.95 Our Price: $52.09 SKU: SS-VB25P Closeout: 29.95
Giant Skull Natural Color Retail Price: $29.95 Our Price: $27.74 SKU: SS-VB20 Closeout: $15.95
Giant Skull Silver and Black Color Retail Price: $29.95 Our Price: $27.74 SKU: SS-VB20S Closeout : $15.95
Boneyard Seesaw with Skeletons Retail Price: $31.95 Our Price: $30.43 SKU: SS-SEESAW Closeout 17.50
Boneyard Swing Set with Skeletons Retail Price: $31.95 Our Price: $30.43 SKU: SS-SWING Closeout $17.50

Linda Jacobs
Main: 847.859.5010 x 116
Fax: 847.859.5011
[email protected]
and the famous Budget Bucky Skeletons!

Valkyrie Of Halloween
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I've always loved the skeleton and seesaw! Great prices.
I have a Frankenbucky, but hmmmmmmm, a skull, hmmmmm, could do a few things with that.
I wish they had some regular buckies on sale, haven't bought any in too years and am getting the shakes just thinking about it!

Valkyrie Of Halloween
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I have 5 buckies and my first (oldest one) is by far the best even tho' ol' Skulliver has some scoliosis going on.
The last 2 I got (at the same time) have bones of different colors and broken ribs, etc. Prime for corpsing actually.
You have to remember, these are "4th quality" (although the last pair are more like 7th, LOL) which is basically made from the bones that are messed up and don't get cleared for a medical school quality skeleton.
We still get a good deal, saw them at our local museum of science and industry for $300 for the full size bucky. The most I paid for any of mine was $124 for the first one.
I luvs me some buckies!

Join my Doomsday cult!
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Yes, we are talking 4th quality, one step above the chipper and remelt level!

Like IshWitch says though, the quality of even the 4th class Bucky has gone downhill over the past few years.

I did hear from a different merchant that he is getting a higher quality, lighter weight skeleton made for him. He hopes to have it available within the next year or so. He claimed the price will be competitive with a 4thQ Bucky, and if it turns out anything like the samples he had, I'm going to be buying his!

I've got a Franken-skull and a couple of Giants on the way!

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I know that I had tons of problems with limbs falling off and the pins holding them together would frequently come out. . .
That's why the almighty haunting gods invented zip ties! :D

I always remove all those pins and drill the joint holes a bit bigger and tie wrap the limbs together where the pins used to be.

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