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I'm totally anal about music, and have found some great, obscure stuff I'd love to share with all you fellow Halloween music lovers. Some of it's not Halloween per se', just great mood enhancers.
I found most of these on amazon.com. Hope you like 'em!

"11:59PM October 30" - The Changelings
"Song of the Sephardim" - The Changelings
"Veils of Gold" - The Changelings

Song of the Sephardim and Veils of Gold evoke an Egyptian/Vampire feeling I find quite pleasing, while 11:59 is good, old-fashioned Halloween at it's best, with a nice, eerie Waltz beat.

Jill Tracy and the Malcontent Orchestra - cd "Into the Land of Phantoms"

Every Halloween, Jill and the band play this live to the silent classic, "Nosferatu" at a movie theatre in San Francisco. My fave tracks are "The Accident at Dinner", and "Dr. Van Helsing".

"Evil Night Together" - Jill Tracy
"The Fine Art of Poisoning" - Jill Tracy *amazing vid for this song on her Myspace page*

Johnny Hollow - all the interlude tracks on their first, self-titled cd are great, in-between song fillers. My favorite band, hands down.

"Bloodstone" - Amon Tobin
"untitled" - Amon Tobin
"Esther's" - Amon Tobin

Bloodstone's droning violins and creepy piano, I just can't get enough of it. Images of a forbidding, dimly-lit parlor come to mind.

Untitled is pure Chandler. A dark, foggy alley, a femme fatale with a whiplash smile and a stilletto in her stocking. You know nothing good will come of it, but can't resist.

Esther's is a bit more frantic, opening with a motorcycle kick-starting. A strong beat that ebbs and flows. The biker skeletons tell me they love this song.

"Session" - Linkin Park

Flows nicely with Esther's.
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