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Brutal Rust vs Rust Dust?

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I need a good faux rust for a boiler room and several "metal" doors. Has anyone had experience with either Brutal Rust or Rust Dust? Which was your preference? Or have you found a cheaper way to give the same look?
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We've had a few threads about how to accomplish the same look for far less money. The cheap way involves several colors of paint layered together plus the addition of texturing agents to the paint (sand, fibers,cat litter are examples).
Take a look a Sculpt Nouveau metal coatings. It's an acrylic binder blended with an iron powder. It works amazing. I put it on plywood and you couldn't tell it wasn't rusty steel. It's cheaper the most of the halloween/haunt brands.
I used Brutal Rust this year on many things, our cemetery fence, lamps, and lab panels. It works very well, and I really like the final product. We did an industrial area in our pallet maze, (1st picture below) some of the areas were large and using Brual Rust was not budget friendly. Those areas I painted in using 4-5 colours of paint with a final touch of using Shellac for a wet appearance.

So in my experience Brutal Rust works well, if you have budget contraints then it's probably not practical on large areas. I have never tried Rust Dust?

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Here's a tutorial on how to make your own stuff that functions very similar to the pro stuff:

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