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I think many people who buy animated props are in your shoes, I know I am. Paying hundreds of dollars for a Gemmy or lower end animated prop is always a risk. I think that is why haunters graduate to making their own or buying a better made, more expensive prop.

I don't let people walk through my haunt because I get a huge volume of ToTs and can't control the herd. Many of my props that move and make sound don't get a chance to be really used, so don't feel like a broken prop is useless. Look at Pumpkinrot- he doesn't have any animated props, and his haunt is legendary.

Maybe somebody here can help you, but many times you will just have to take it apart and hope you can find something glaringly wrong and fix it. Someone here just fixed a Gemmy Cauldron Witch, so you never know.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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