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Broken lunging lily NEED HELP

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I got a lunging lily prop here that is broken. Right before it sets it pops back up. I looked at all the gears and they seem fine. the relay switch has a problem. I attached a picture showing that the plastic barrier holding the relay switch broke off. Which could mean that the relay switch has ever so slightly moved. Also the thing that spins and hits the relay switch has a small chip. I think the relay switch has moved and the relay switch shaft piece has been hitting the wrong area chipping it away. But at the same time I don’t think that is the likely problem. It looks like a gear slip and I really need this to work. The gear slip recently happened twice while at the bottom and once while at the top of its cycle. I also attached a YouTube video link of the prop jumping up. Could you give me any advice here to fix it? Thanks for your help.

youtube link:
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