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Bride of Chucky

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I'm going to dress up as the Bride of Chucky this year and I thought I'd share my costume idea!

I haven't started gathering things yet but I have a pretty good idea of what I need.

-A leather jacket (Or dark denim because denim is more common around my town than leather)
-A white dress (Which is gonna be a pain to find one this time of year :/ )
-For makeup, I'll probably post pictures later. Dark black and grey eyes, black lipstick, black nails.
-As for the tattoo, I'll probably use craft paint but I haven't thought it out yet.
-Hair may be an issue for me, with my lovely dark, almost black waist length hair. I may get a wig, but I was pondering the idea of just getting some clip on blonde extensions and making my hair two toned.
-And shoes, I only have a pair of black converse high tops at the moment :/ I'll see about getting some boots but I'll probably end up wearing my high tops.

Any suggestions, or additions?
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Fun! I think you can get some blonde extensions and go two-toned on your hair and it will be fine.

BTW - I love your avatar pic!
Thanks! :)
You are missing the necklace that says tiff.
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