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I have Brand New Latex Horror Masks and Animated Halloween Props for 2013

Animated Magic Spell Halloween Witch Prop $179.00

Animated Grumpy Grandpa Halloween Prop $229.00

Animated No Legs Jack Halloween Prop $179.00

Animated No Legs Jill Halloween Prop $179.00

Haunted Animated 5 ft. Dancing Ghost Halloween Prop $69.00

Giant Huge 12 Foot Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin head Scary Halloween Prop $169.00

Giant 96 inch GARGANTUAN Halloween Spider Prop New $89.00

Hanging 6 Foot Pumpkin Rot Haunted Halloween Prop $49.00

Hanging Rotted 6 Foot Zombie Corpse Posable Halloween Prop Lights Up $79.99

Mummified Rotted Zombie Torso Corpse 3 Foot Posable Prop $70.00

Bloody Death Scene Zombie Halloween Prop $39.99

Halloween Animated SPINNING SKULL ON BOOKS Motion Activated Lights Up Sound $29.99

72" Life Size Hanging Mummified Cocooned Skeleton Halloween Prop $69.99

36" Animated Halloween Hanging Bat Scary Haunted Prop $39.99

Halloween ZOMBIE BOY Standing Haunted House Prop $109.00

Halloween ZOMBIE Girl Standing Haunted House Prop $109.00

Pose and Stay Skeleton 3 Feet Posable Prop $24.99

Animated Haunted Magic Mirror Talks Lights Up New Halloween Wall & Door Décor $14.99

MARCUS the CARCASS 3 pc Lawn Ornament Halloween FADING LIGHTS Prop $12.99

Howling Banshee Latex Halloween Horror Mask $45.00

Possessed 2013 Undead Latex Halloween Horror Mask $54.00

Infested Decayed Zombie Halloween Mask $47.00

Black Werewolf Latex Halloween Horror Mask $97.00

Death Skull Halloween Latex Horror Mask $35.50

Tongue Slasher Halloween Latex Mask $47.00

Demented Clown Mime Latex Halloween Horror Mask $48.00

Gray Werewolf Overhead Deluxe Latex Horror Mask $80.00

I have hundreds and hundreds of positive feedback and I ship the same day in most cases thank you


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