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So I finally got to go help out today, loaded up my suburban with all the spare stuff I could find.
Today's task was removal and reinstalling a room with spikes coming through the walls that closes in on the kiddies, so we are moving it clear across the maze of rooms, wish I would have counted how many there are, it's a real labyrinth in there. I got some pix, most of the rooms are very bare now and we're shooting idea's of what to do. We came up with sort of a theme, going to simulate going into a haunted house starting with a old hag in a rocking chair done with a peppers ghost, then making a bay window with simulated rain, will post pix when we start that. We have a long way to go and it would take me all nite to go into detail.
I volunteered to make a cemetery columns and arch, so back to home depot.


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