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-YOU- got a SPARE?
I belong to a group of Artist which
makes garden cast-off's ...

We call it junk!
{{Raven}} came up with this remake of a
Bowling Ball! What idea's could YOU
come up with for Fall----Halloween?
I thought about making the Lizard's
[email protected]@k real!!! Yike's!!!

From the Bowling Ball Addict's


Here is my Bowling ball in the real words.
runs about 90.00 bucks! So cool! OoOoOoO

Mademouselle ~~ Countess''Dawn''- Von ~~ Frankenstein~~

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Suggestion for a Halloween bowling ball:
Put some of those "Gummy-eyes" in the finger-holes, maybe glue some eyebrows above the holes to give it more personality!
Now slip it back on the rack where you found it!

Have a ball come back via ball-return with a hand riding the ball, since it's fingers are stuck in the holes and the wrist let go.

"My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"

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How many times have you made me smile?
Yahooooooooo A million!!
These bowling Balls are for my haunt!
To decorate my yard! The kids scream
when they [email protected]@ -Us- girls come into the
Bowling Alley! Yea... aha

It could be the balls decorated,
maybe my bowling shoes with ghost
or were wild baby! smiling !
Glad you have a special place to
write your stories now! Don't
forget get us here at the haunt!
YOU boys left_______
Countess Dawn way tooooooo long
in that muddy grave! Shame....
She's a Countess too!Huh-- L.O.L.

Was worried last night....but I
[email protected]@ your in! Winky!;) I watched the
boys out the window ...in the rain
playing Basket Ball!! Thought of you!
They are good.....Bet you played
Hoop's in the rain?? Many times !!!
Smiling Again! -You- do that too me
ya know!! Any tours tonight? OoOoOo

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