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Bought new prop!

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Went to a flea market and saw this antique chair. It scared me and I loved it! Cost $35 and the pics don't do it justice totally creepy. What should I do with it any ideas?

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Sweet find E :) I would take it on the antiques road show ! It might be worth big bucks :eek: LOL
What a great find! I'm sure it must be worth more than the $35 you paid for it.
Great for prop use, but may be worth $$$ if you had it restored.
if you know any antique dealers or furniture restoration specialists locally, it might be worth getting them to check it out..
(BTW..I'm with the granny or grampa idea...)

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We were looking for something like that last year. Our theme was Sweeney Todd, and wanted a nice antique chair to use as his barbaric barber chair. We ended up having a real barber/beauty shop chair given to us from a friend. It was cool, with the raising lever and spinning (kids got a big kick out of it). But it wasn't thematically correct - which would have looked very creepy, like yours!
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