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I know i know!

For shame, right? haha. Sounds like i'm on the wrong forum, but there's a reason for the catchy title.

The other day after work i went to one of the big garden centers a few miles away, last year they had a great halloween party night for the kids, but fun for adults too. The kids did pumpkin carving and fancy dress competitions, and the adults got to shop and watch the fun. The entire place including the restaurant is done up and there's a fireworks show at the end.

So i go expecting big things, the halloween section was empty, you could see where it's going to be, but there was like 5 minutes worth of work on it.

However the christmas section was in full flow, the entire first room of the center, and most of the second. And these are big big rooms.

Sad to say the only thing i came away with was a christmas tree.

Personally i only ever buy real ones, but i've never owned a white one before, and this was a 7.5FT Denver in snow white.

180GBP down to 40 for one week only. Couldn't resist. Hope that helps my reasoning and betrayal haha.

My point being, it's sad to see something 3 months away in full swing before something 1 month away has even started.
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