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Sold to Deadcwgl82. Its new home is her Condemned Compound, in Tracy CA

This is a custom-made bottomless shaft, made out of wood. The lighting is a yellow-orange, which glows through the interior slats. A sound-activated skeleton is at the bottom, along with strobe lights activated via X10.

All of our trick-or-treaters(and their parents) loved this prop, but I've run out of room in the yard and in storage for it with everything I've created since I made this in 2009. Like everyone else in the forum, I have new ideas that I work on every year, (and repeat visitors each year now looking for "what's new") , and find I have to part with one of the most successful props I have constructed to make room for future projects. If you or anyone you know is interested, give me a "ping"...!

Everything EXCEPT the X10 appliance module is included.

Exterior picture:

Interior picture with Skeleton displaying(Sorry so dim...camera doesn't do well in low-light):

Video of the prop at night(again,sorry for limitations of my camera!):


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