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Boozer the clown costume

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Mainly posting this because i cant find anything online about this mask except the factory pic. I made this costume like the Fatzo the Clown posting i did earlier. Let me first say that there is no way id pay $130 for this mask. That's what it retails for. i paid $68 which i think is even on the high end compared to the Fatzo mask i paid far less for. It is impressive but there are some flaws. The latex is thicker on this mask which is a plus. The collar on the mask came loose the first time i tried it on. They just Hot glued it on at the factory. I am thinking i may just make a new one altogether. I also like the painted latex hair on the Fatzo mask better, this hair is good but i would have preferred the painted latex anyway as there is no chance of it coming unglued or frizzed out. Made this one into a reacher costume too using the Giant Zombie Hands yard stakes. Huge 22" hands just needed some paint. The wrist has a knob for the stake to attach to, just use a 3/4" "T" pvc fitting and you have a creature reacher hand.

Clown Jester Costume Performing arts Theatrical property

without the collar just looks silly

Clown Costume Mask Helmet Headgear

Clown Jester Performing arts Costume Theatrical property
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Philemo11, I hear ya, the better masks are shamelessly overpriced. But if it's an absolute perfect fit in your Haunt...
My two cent opinion? The front of his costume, covered in blood. Our Psycho the Clown has that effect and it's very chilling.
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