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Hello Everyone!

I reg'd today but have looked around for a while. I am relatively new to the big decorating but have always had fun with Halloween. Being the mom of two boys I had to take them out instead of playing at our house but now they are older they don't trick or treat and they are excited to help (well the younger one more than the older - but I make him help hahaha!) set up our own display.

We recently bought our house and I look forward to doing a haunted house all down the driveway but that will have to be next year because we are remodeling now. My husband just doesn't get why we should work on a coffin instead of installing flooring ha! That is ok - gives me more time to collect goodies for next year.

This year we are building the pvc fence for the front yard - about 50 feet of it - and setting up a small graveyard and decorating the front porch. I bought a really cool bat today that will work perfect hanging on the porch. Like one at Spirit's site "Life-size Animated Rocking Bat" - it is so neat - the dog was freaking out a bit.

Well enough rambling from me ~ see ya around!
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