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Boo!!! to all

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As a new member ,My introduction,
I work at the Sacramento Zoo and every year we have "Boo at the Zoo".For the past 6 years I have had a haunt there starting small as an outside haunt to a larger haunt inside as a haunted house.Most of my features are hand made with some store bought stuff.At boo at the zoo,kids and parents come all costumed up for a safe trick or treat.We have voulanteer vendors that set up there own haunts,my haunt,and some employees dressed up to mingle with the little goblins,(and some big ones too).I have posted a few pictures for 2008 and will post more for 2009.For 2010,my haunt will be bigger as over the past 6 years I keep adding on.This year I will be adding a archway that I am building.The interior will have a blacklight,circus type mirror,and ghostly pictures that change as you walk by.Tht outside will have a skeleton on the roof pulling up another skeleton that is on the ground. Happy haunting to all,Drac 484
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