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Hey, everyone! Boy, am I thrilled to have found this forum, what a truly cool and creeply place it is.

My name is Dale Morton and I LOVE Halloween!!! Always have, always will. Halloween, of course, is where my love of costuming and masks began and that has carried over into how I make my living. I've been working as a self-employed mascot character costume maker since 2000. If you Google "Dale Morton Studio Mascot Costumes" you can see my work in that area. But that's just what I do for money. My first love is for sculpture, special effects makeup and masks. In fact, I'm trying to start turning my business away from doing mascots and more toward the making and selling of masks and Halloween-related props. I also do custom fiberglass armor and super hero costumes as well. Look up Dale Morton's Monster Morgue on Facebook and you can see my work in that line. I'm working on building an actual website devoted to my Monster Morgue work but that isn't finished yet. I'll be posting some shots of my work and for sale items in the Merchant section as well.

So I'm very much looking forward to posting all kinds of cool stuff in the various forums and sharing my love of Halloween with everyone here.

My fondest regards to you all,

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