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Hello everyone!

I'm really excited to be back into the Halloween spirit this year, it's been far too long.

When I lived at home, I was able to have my own home haunt for 18 years - much to the delight of all the neighbor's kids. But then it was time to move out and out when my ability to scare my neighbors. :(

After almost 8 years, I'm now back in the game! Just bought my first home and will say a big HELLO to the neighbors by custom building a few props. I got a late start, only moving in at the end of July, and money is very tight (as any homeowner knows) so I can only build a few things, but it's okay because it's better than not being able to do it at all!

There are a TON of creative people here and I'm SO excited to be back!

Happy haunting!
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