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boo box 8 help pls

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hi to every one.
I just got my boo box 8/ scare master and im just learning on how to use it. Now im stock on how to use the servo. anyone have boo box 8 please help me or guide me how to configure it.
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ken - I also have the BooBox system and love them. I have contacted Travis from Fright Ideas concerning the servo's and he stated that that feature hasnt been completly set up in the firmware yet. He was working on getting it up. I will contact him again to see if it will be done soon. What i did to get around that for the time being was purchase a medusa DMX board from Hook on Scares. Planning on running the servos with it connected to the BooBox thru the DMX. Havnt got the prop built yet but going to start this weekend on it.
oh ok thank you for that information. I hope they update the firmware soon. goodluck on your prop. please post your props with medusa controled by boobox when you are done.
Servo update:
After speaking with Travis, he is working on the firmware update right now and plans to be completed very soon. Most likly will be a beta version at first to get it out quick but usually works very well. If you have any other questions, contact Travis at Fright Ideas ( he is the systems engineer for the BooBox and PicoBoo controllers ) by e-mail or phone. He is very quick to respond and willing to help you with any problems or new ideas to produce a better product.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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