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Yeah, I've been mostly quiet for quite a while. My main project is on hold due to weather (Extremely large), and I've just been tinkering away in the Garage.

Bob began as a desire to animate a static prop from the laboratory last year.

YouTube - Lab Test

Which, amounted to Fred being placed under a sheet with a flicker cirtuit to cast the shadows of the skeleton onto the blacklight lit sheet.

The kids loved it. BUT, I wanted it to sit up and scream.

The problems amounted to:

Nowhere in the setup to have/hide a compressor. This was going to need to be mechanical.

Fred needs to be up in the yard days after the lab goes, so it either needed to be easily removed, or a new skelly.

I really didn't have the cash to be buying another bucky, and I was worried about moving that much weight with bungies (Knowing what I know now, that wouldn't have been a problem)

So...I decided to create Bob.

I really don't know where I've read on all these things.

Started with some simple EMT conduit to serve as the lever to raise/lower Bob, and his backbone.

I read somewhere on here about the pipe insulation and zippy ties making a backbone. I traced out Fred's ribcage as close as I could, and made a little template out of cardboard.

A hole for the pipe was drilled into some PVC, and the conduit threaded through that. This PVC was set into larger PVC for the swivel, easily enough, and the bungies were strapped to the legs of the table. 1 side to raise, the other to stop Bob from slamming all the way down.

Adding a gate latch, and Bob sat up on command. Much to the pleasure of my daughter.

With the basic mechanics worked out (though we need to adjust some lengths and minor things on those bungies), it was time to proceed with constructing Bob.


I've had some experience with mache, but this is, by far, the most ambitious we've gotten with it. Standard newspaper foundation. Paperclay topcoat...

I had to add the head, because it just didn't feel right talking to a headless torso (yes, I talk to it...mostly cussing when things aren't going well). And, the smiley face just makes me laugh. Knowing that will be underneath when I skulpt the skull over top...:D

It's been a long, slow process. Doing things in stages. I have no doubt I could do a second better, but we're learning quite a bit, and I'm enjoying the challenge so far. I might just be making my own skellies from now on, since all the little mistakes will be covered up when we corpse it anyway.

Last night, we added the shoulders. Did not want these hinged, but that would have been easily possible. He's starting to turn out.

Since the weather calls for rain all week, good chance I'll be working on Bob instead of my other projects this week. So, hope to have progress soon.
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Bob looks great! Are the lifting mechanics just a bunge? No air or motor? How is it released? How is it reset? Can you post more information on your lifting configuration and maybe a video of it in action? Thanks! Can't wait to see the finished prop.
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