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Blue Laser Vortex?

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Hey guys, I was just wondering... are the blue lasers too powerful to practically use for a laser vortex? I don't wanna blind and burn my audience... kindly forgive my hideous lack of any sort of technical knowledge
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Depends... The FDA restricts the importation of laser pointers more powerful than 5mW due to safety concerns. So let's use that as the standard for common sense and liability.

Because the human eye sees certain colors better than others, each color of 5mW laser will seem to have a different brightness. The human eye sees green the best, red next and blue/violet the worst. So at a given power rating green seems much brighter (like 50 times) than red or blue (like 100 times).

So a safe blue laser is probably not going to produce a very bright vortex. I 've built both red and green (both together is pretty cool...). I haven't tried blue yet but I'm guessing the effect will be underwhelming.

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