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I'm sure someone else has thought of this but in case it hasn't been mentioned for awhile I thought I'd throw it out here. :D

Several years ago I needed a fast and cheap way to have my Blucky's stand or be posed in my yard display but I didn't want to go take a lot of time or spend a pile of cash. I was in Hobby Lobby and saw 4' (about) wire wreath stands for 2.99 each and my jaw dropped when I realized that they were about the right height for my Blucksy. I bought four of them, drilled a series of holes in the back so I could raise and lower on the hook as needed. Done! You can't see the stand at night and it's a snap to toss the skelly's on and pose them in just seconds. The other plus is that the wreath stands folds up and is so easy to store!!

Hope this helps other's with Blucky's or other props you just need to stand up. Nothing like cheap . . . easy . . . snap to store! :D


Scarecrow Lawn ornament Plant Yard Art

Close up of holes I drilled in the back of dear old Blucky!
White Stone carving Wing Sculpture Carving
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