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Blucky Hands Makeover

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Blucky Hands Makeover

You will need

Blucky Hands
Plastic Drinking Straws

Knife or Scissors
Hot Glue Gun

Basically the make over consists of cut away the excess plastic from the fingers of the hand, then hot gluing pieces of drinking straws to the underside of the fingers and fitting wire to the fingers to be able to bend and pose the fingers

Here is how it’s done

Step 1. First take a blucky hand - To show where the first cuts will be made I have drawn lines on the hand (pic 1)– cut between the fingers both front and back (pic 2) – I found it easier to do all the cuts in this with scissors

Step 2. Turn the hand over, again to show where the cuts will be made I have drawn the cutting line (pic 3). Cut out the area under the fingers, from the base of the fingers, to the tips of the fingers. (pic 4). Note, leave the very tips of the fingers as shown in the picture.

Step 3. Cut away the excess from the fingers, giving the bone shape for each finger. (pics 5-8). Fold the fingers length way, to give the fingers a more rounded shape.

Step 4. Cut three lengths of drinking straw per finger. (pic 9). With the hand upside down place hot glue in each finger section, then place a piece of the drinking straw into the glue.
The heat of the glue will soften the plastic. Hold in place until the glue is cooled a little and the straw piece is held in place (pics 10 & 11) Warning the glue does get HOT – use extreme care

Step 5. Cut small v shapes into each side of the finger, where the joints are on the finger (pic 12).

Step 6. Cut a length of wire approx 1 inch longer than the finger (pic 13), run this wire through the pieces of straw. Make sure that the end of the wire is pushed up into the fingertip. Hot glue the wire in place at the fingertip (pic 14). Once the glue is set, the finger can then be bent into pose (pics 15 & 16)

Pics 17 – 20 are an overview of the process … I have shown this using a colored straw for more clarity. Pic 21 shows fingers bent in place

Step 7. Place two lengths of straw into the thumb, and hot glue on place. While the plastic is still softened, pose the thumb in position. (pic 22)

The final result will hopefully look like those in the final two pictures (pics 23& 24)

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