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Blowerless Claustrophobia

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I accidentally discovered a way to recreate a Claustrophobia-type effect without the need for blowers or air bags. I have been saving (and tripping over) large cardboard boxes for several months. Last month, when I started putting up my HH walls, I stuck the flattened boxes and and some other large items in an out-of-the-way hallway.

Well, a few days ago, I tried to squeeze through the hallway to get to a cabinet at the other end, but the cardboard box kept pushing me over against the opposite wall. I thought to myself "This is worse than Claustrophobia!"


So, you need 2 LARGE cardboard boxes (flattened), a 10' x 25' piece of black plastic (cut in half into 2 10'x12.5' pieces), and some screws with washers. The plastic is about $7.50 at Walmart.

Here is a pic of my inspirational mess (I squeezed through on the right side of the box):

Here is a quick drawing I did of my "design".
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Soooooooo, I'm guessing nobody tried this...?
Now THAT is a good/interesting idea...has anybody tried this yet?
GREAT idea! :D

One thing I'd be careful of is make sure people don't suffocate in the plastic. Maybie use sheets?
Just to clarify that is the OP'ers pic I just pasted it instead of a link

Also since this is meant to push against the people, don't forget most or some will be in costume. Things may catch or cut the plastic ruining the effect or creating a hazard.

You may want to consider sheets or another medium to use, just a thought.
Cause as we all know if it can go wrong it will :eek:

Use heavy black pond liner for creating backyard ponds and waterfalls. Thick, hella-durable, need a freakin razor blade to cut it, already black and creepy.
what about just using some black cloth, a couple of years ago I picked up a lot of black costume material (with a sheen) real cheap at JoAnn's fabric store that they were getting rid of pretty cheap maybe you could find some kind of black material that your local fabric store is getting rid of.
I'd be afraid of the edges of the cardboard box "grabbing" the fabric inside as it rubs. So use some duck tape or electrical tape and fold it over the edges of the box, so the rough edges don't snag as they move. Then you should be fine.
I know im a little late on this one. But I'm curious if anyone actually did this prop this year. If so how did it go? What materials did you end up using for it?
We did a claustrophobia... but not this way... i actually went with the blowers. It is awesome ! I bought rip stop fabric and sewed it into 7 ft? x 12 ft fitted sheet like shapes. sewed on some binding material around the edges.
these then got screwed to the walls. I bought 2 blowers off ebay. People either thought it was so much fun or they hated it! (in a good way)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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