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So I bought one of those 6 and 9ft blow up dragons for halloween last year..the wings move back and forth..and it lights up..but..at night all that black..and the dragon just disappears..if you get one...the less black the better..the light inside it is not all that great..I used a fire and ice light in front of him to light him up so more that helped.. they should make an all green or all white dragon

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I have the top one and I don't really think it disappears that much. I agree that the black does tend to make it fade into the background, but I think it just adds to it rather than takes away. I think second one would have that problem since the red doesn't go down the entire belly. I do have additional lighting in my yard, so I guess that helps it.
As a side note, everyone loves that dragon. People have literally stopped driving up or down the street just to watch it. I fell in love with it at work and was torn about buying it originally. I was worried about it taking away from my yard haunt since it didn't fit in with my cemetery theme, but it has been so popular with both kids and adults that it is the first thing to go into the yard now.
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