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Bloody witch's cauldron full of body parts

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About $12 total if you shop around for components. Heavy duty plastic cauldron $3 at thrift shop. Can of great stuff big gap filling expanding foam that was missing the straw so the clerk gave it to me for $2. Hard styrofoam packing material I got for free. Assorted body parts: brain , arm and hand , fingers , ear, eye etc about $6-7 total. Homeade blood paint and a 50 cent bottle of red acrylic paint.

First I clean the cauldron with water and paper towels. Then cut the hard styrofoam into large round pieces to set inside to take up room to fill the void in the bottom to about 2/3 the way up. Next I layered the great stuff foam about half way up the remaining 1/3 space left up the top of the cauldron. Remember this stuff expands a bit so always go a little bit less than your mark. Let set for about 15 mins until it starts losing its tacky feeling. Then place the body parts in desired arrangement and let set over night. I then painted the brain and some other parts with my homeade blood paint and it really gave it a nice dark red viscous glaze. Lastly I painted all the foam with red acrylic and then go over any holidays and missed spots as it dries. Very simple inexpensive project to make.


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In one final step I added a final coat of blood paint to the entire foam area and let it pool up a bit on the sides and it really turned it up a notch in the gore factor.
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