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Bloody Roses

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Here's an ultra simple prop that can add so much to a display: Bloody Roses.

All you'll need is red craft paint and some white roses you can buy at Michael's for $.50 each.

In a small pyrex cup, dilute some red craft paint with a little bit of water. Or use the paint undiluted. Dip the tip of the white rose in the paint and let it drip down the rest of the flower. If you want more "blood", repeat the process.

Just remember to start slow and build. You can always add more blood, but it's hard to take it off.

Or, if you don't like the result, just buy more roses at $.50 each and start all over again. :)

"Bloody roses" left a tombstone or in a vase is a nice finishing touch.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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