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blood red chocolate - red food color only or add black?

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I'm having a 'blood fondue' fountain for desert at my demon's ball this year. I bought what I thought would be enough white chocolate to give it a trial run for some neighbor kids before the party, but now I have enough RSVPs to my halloween party that I don't want to use up the chocolate just in case (I live in Africa - can't order more and have it here by 31st so I have what I have).

I have a huge thing of red food color, and also have black, blue, green, yellow. Has anyone ever tried to make blood colored chocolate with white chocolate? I only have one shot, so I don't want to mess it up, but I'm thinking only red might look cheerful instead of gory. If you've done it, or are good with food dyes, I'd love any advice.
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I only added red and it wasn't enough. I think if you a drop of blue, it will deepen the colour
I would add some black. I've done blood red chocolate using Wilton's Candy Melts. They have a cheerful red that looks great with some of their black candy melts mixed in to deepen. I don't have pictures. The other benefit is that they don't have a strong food coloring flavor that you often associate with black or red food colors. It will be more expensive than doing the dye yourself, but they colors are fantastic.
Thanks for tips. It takes weeks to buy and receive things where I live in Africa, so wasn't possible to buy the chocolate melts as suggested, but I'll keep them in mind for next year. This year going to go with a touch of blue and see if I can't get a deep venous blood color. :)
I tried cherry red food color on cupcakes last vacation. I was very careful and made sure that I don't overdo it. They didn't taste like food color. I used the brand Horton Spice Mills ( Canada ). I have not tried on bigger cake. I've used that only once.
I would probably use gel food color. It can color without "watering down" what you are tinting. WIltons makes a "no taste" red. We us gel colors for all of our icing and cakes and it works very well.
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